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Why Should You Secure Your Business IT?

Are you looking for Standards Compliance and IT Security services for your business? Within just a few decades, IT has quickly shifted from being that nerdy guy in a dark office to one of the key players at the table.  

IT is now at the centre of business operations in the 21st century. If your company does not have IT security measures in place, it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when your data and your client data will fall victim to data breaches and IT security breaches.

Does the security of your business data have a seat at the table?

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Data Security & IT Network Security

Can my data really be breached?

Absolutely it can. If you store any client data, their data can be breached too. According to the office of The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, over 28 Million Canadians have been affected by a data breach.

Securing your data is the sure-fire way to prevent most data breaches. So how do you secure your data? Before you can secure your data, you need to understand:

  1. What data are you collecting?
  2. How are you collecting data?
  3. Where are you storing your data?
  4. Who has access to the data?
  5. How do you share your data?
  6. What do they do with your data?

Once you have an understanding of these points, you will start to notice some security vulnerabilities in your data architecture. As professionals in the IT Security Services industry we have a deep knowledge of best practices for data collection, data storage, and data access.

Using our industry-specific experience and knowledge of data breaches, we create an IT Security Architecture that protects your business from a data breach before it happens.

What is Standards Compliance?

Standards Compliance and IT Security are two essential parts of every business. The one secures your data. and the other provides verification of that security to authorities and clients.

In short, a harmonic combination of IT security and compliance. Compliance can be seen as the framework around your internal and external data policies. Implementing compliance requires that you have an understanding of your industry:

  1. Regulations
  2. Policies
  3. Laws

These elements are unique to different industries and will form the basis of regulatory frameworks that govern your IT security systems and data management policies, company-wide.

Want to find out more about what regulations, laws, and policies are required to make your business compliant?

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Standards Compliance and IT Security Process

The complete path to Standards Compliance and IT Security

Security Assessment & Data Vulnerability Assessment

A full review of your IT security, IT cyber security and IT network security standards and systems. Where are your vulnerabilities for data breaches, and are you making use of data encryption?

Compliance Assessment

What frameworks are you using to govern compliance inside and outside of your organization. Do these frameworks meet compliance regulations, compliance laws, and compliance policies for your industry within your territory?

IT Security & Compliance Training

Almost half of data breaches are from targeted attacks or internal staff. As a result, we setup IT security systems that protect sensitive data and restrict access to it. Further, we implement privacy frameworks and security frameworks to govern your business-wide processes.


Do you need to keep some key part of your business in a constant state of compliance? Need to be ready for an audit at any time? Contact us about our Compliance-as-a-Service lines.

Compliance AssessmentManaged IT Security Services

Since IT security is not a once-off deal, you will need managed IT security services to ensure that your systems have update schedules, your security systems have patch management processes, your firewall is configured correctly and you implement more layers like EDR, MDR, SIEM and others.

Data Breach Detection

Intrusion detection and data breach detection are the key to understanding when someone has gained access to data which they should not have access to. Our systems will notify you of intrusions, allowing you to understand where the intrusion came from, and how to seal off their access.

Penetration Testing

Now that you have IT security and compliance, you need to ensure that it is working up to par with your industry standards. Our team will attempt to gain access to your data and IT systems using methods often used by malicious players.

We Provide Standards Compliance and IT Security Consulting Too!

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