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What are Structured Cabling Services?

Structured cabling services design and install cabling systems for business using a set of standards to secure the network and allow for supported hardware expansion in the future.

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Structured Cabling Installation

Can an electrician install structured cabling for our business?

Yes they can. However, we recommend working with IT professionals with IP network design experience. This is because I an IT company with structured cabling installation experience understands how to design network cabling which is secure, and supports hardware expansion. Not to mention, IT professionals often charge less, and do it correctly the first time!

What happens if our structured cabling is installed incorrectly? This is where it gets ugly. First off, bad cabling is sometimes as expensive to remove as it would have been to install it correctly the first time. Secondly, bad cabling can cost you thousands of dollars of IT troubleshooting before you realize it was the cabling all along. Thirdly, cabling usually connects back to network distribution centers (or “frames”). If your cablers plan terminations that are accessible to unauthorized people, this is like leaving the back door to a bank open.

If you are looking for secure network cabling with room to expand in the future, then a professional structured cabling service provider is highly recommended.

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Allsite IT Structured Cabling Services Include:

Structured cabling is a fixture in your building, it’s for keeps! The speed, physical security and long-term reliability of cabled data networks mean they remain the gold standard for most business networks.

Structure Cabling and Structure Wiring

Design and installation of secure cabling systems and wiring systems to support future business and hardware growth.

Internet Cabling

Inside cabling connecting to your building D-mark. Inside cabling carries your internet signal throughout your building.

Network Cabling and Fibre Optic Network Cabling

The industry standard for business networks. Installation of fast, physically secure, and long-term reliable copper and fibre optic network cabling.

Cabling Infrastructure & Network Infrastructure

Designing your cabling infrastructure and implementing switches, routers, firewalls and cabling for a complete, industry standard solution.

Data Cabling and Telephone Cabling

Data cable stock is used for data and phone cabling. This can also be used for cameras, or anything that uses TCP-IP to communicate.

Fibre Optic Cabling and Installation

Rather than using copper for your cabling, we can use fibre optic stock instead. Fibre optic cabling does not conduct electrical currents, bring a world of benefits, including speed!

Ethernet Wireless Cabling

Devices providing wireless connections connect to the main network core using data cabling. Ethernet cables carry TCP-IP signals.

Structured Cabling Installation for Business

Looking for a structured cabling solution for your business?

Our Structured Cabling Process

Review Cable Pathways

We assess whether there Is enough space in the existing conduit to install structured cabling, and whether the conduit meets the applicable building code.

Review Building Firewall

If the pathway passes through your building’s firewalls, and we get permission to drill and fire-stop the firewalls to make the cable pathway.

Review Building dmark, Main Distribution Frame (MDF), and Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDF)

Where is the building dmark and MDF? and does the building have IDFs? If the building does not, then installing these may need to be included in the structured cabling plan.

Detailed structured cabling design, specific to your building and IT infrastructure.

Structured Cabling and Network Cabling Rough-in Installation

Cabling is installed in your building and is pulled down the cable pathways from the frame areas to the face plate (user-end) positions. This is referred to as “Rough-in”.

Structured Cabling and Network Cabling Terminate, Labeling & Testing

The roughed-in cables are punched into the patch-panels, and then connected to the face plates (user-end) with a jack. We then test that the cable is working, and label data cables with a “D + unique number” and voice cables with a “V + unique number”.

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Large Construction Cabling

New Datacenter from “wet trades” up – client:

  • West Coast Medical Imaging
  • Design and installation
  • Multiple stakeholders
  • BC Health ministry compliant
  • Vancouver

Grand Okanagan Resort – Client:

  • CB Richard Ellis (large scale reno)
  • 2 x 9 story towers
  • 5 story residences
  • 3 story timeshare
  • large conference center
  • Kelowna

Large Retrofit Cabling Projects

Delta Vancouver Suites – Client:

  1. Delta hotels
  2. 29 floors
  3. Downtown Vancouver

Inglewood Care Center – Client:

  1. Unicare
  2. 2nd largest private hospital in BC
  3. West Vancouver

Calgary Airport Hotel – Client:

  1. Datavalet
  2. 8 floors
  3. Calgary

From Our Clients

You can tell that they are very professional and know what they are doing, but they can also put that in lay-man’s terms so it’s easy to understand.
Carol Gevers

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

We know these guys by name, they are a welcome addition to getting the job done!
Mark Paul

Chateau Victoria

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